79 Chevy Truck Wiring Diagram

I need a wiring diagram for the ignition switch.
I need a wiring diagram for the ignition switch. - Answered by a verified Chevy MechanicHello, My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try my best to help you with your vehicle issue. Here is the wiring diagram for the ignition switch Hope this helps!So you are going to be running all of your own wires to the components? Are you going to be using the stock ignition switch? If you are: You'll need a multi meter to measure the voltages, chart them & make your own picture. If you trace the terminals on the diagram, they terminate at each component they control. For example on ACCY : B1, A, & B3 should be powered up - run wires to termination point. On RUN : B1, 11, A, 13, B3 should all be powered up - and so forth. G1 & G2 are grounds . The color of the wires is immaterial as long as they run to the proper components. I hope I answered your question correctly. RichHere is the wiring for B1 & B3 G1 & G2 will NEVER have power on them - they are grounds S will have power when cranking that COMES FROM the "Crank Fuse" More pictures coming A sends POWER to the Radio Fuse (Original picture) Here is the picture for s to starter #11 will run to fuse and distributor - here are the pictures for them And the final wiring! :)Wait, you don't have the connector that plugs into the ignition switch? Let me do some digging for this, I might have to order one and see if I can identify the pins. If I can't, then we will have to do it the old fashioned way and continuity test the wires and/or identify manuallyHi Stephan, Kicked a friend out of bed & went down to his parts store and pulled a switch off the shelf. (I hate getting stumped) Following is what I determined by running tests on the switch while it WAS NOT connected to a vehicle. My picture is a little crude but hopefully you understand it Once you attach the ground & power wires to the switch, double check me on the other terminals (prior to wiring it to vehicle) to make sure your modified vehicle is the same way. I am 90% sure I got it correct Please keep me informedThanks for the positive rating. I just noticed, I did not tell you the part number of the switch I was testing. It was from NAPA Part Number: ECH KS6623 That's where I got the color coding from the terminal I told you about in the picture. I'd like to see a picture of your project car when you're finished! Have a great day, Rich
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